Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I'm a bad blogger....bad, bad, bad. Nahhhhh...just busy. I've had company for two weeks and during that time, the kids had VBS and we did some fun extra things and went swimming and painted, etc. It's been really busy. So hopefully my blogging will pick up again now that things are settling down.

You know, I love that this is the time of year when things start to settle down for me just as everyone else winds up for school. teehee Of course with my favorite season just around the corner, we'll probably be out doing all kinds of fun outdoorsy things. So no promises to my faithful readers. ;)

Yesterday we had a local election. Now I know that Matthew and I have discussed voting before but he wanted an explanation again. So in the van on the way to my polling place, he started in...

Matthew: Mommy, what is voting?
Me: Well, sometimes we vote to choose who our new leaders will be. Like when we vote for the President or the Governor or Representative. When we vote for the President, all the adults in our country get to say who they would like to be President. Say I vote for David and you vote for Carl and Rose votes for Mary. Then after everyone has voted, whoever got the most votes wins.
Matthew: Are you voting for President?
Me: No, not today. Today I'm voting on some offices (like Governor and Mayor) and a couple of bills.
Matthew: What's a bill?
Me: [mental note - need to rent Schoolhouse Rock videos...giggle] The bill we're voting on today is whether they can keep charging tax money to keep up our State parks.
Matthew: [yelling firmly] NO MORE TAXES! I VOTE NO! NO NO NO NO NO - I win!!
Me: [muttering] Guess you'd be considered a libertarian?

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