Tuesday, August 15, 2006


OK, so my last post, "Name Our Baby!" was evil after my pg announcement (thanks Mrs. S - that goes down as my all-time favorite comment! ROFL). So now I'll get to the good stuff...

We told the kids and they're so excited. Rose keeps telling me that she feels the baby kicking already (when she's on the other side of the room, no less...lol). Matthew is convinced it's a boy. And Jade...well, Jade is just always happy so I say she's excited about becoming a big sister too. ;)

We went out for a celebratory dinner at my favorite Chinese place on Sunday. We all opened our fortune cookies.
Rose got "Opportunity knocks on your door every day - answer it."
Hubby got "It is time to help a friend in need."
I got "Keep your ideas flexible, and don't ignore details."
Now these three, stretched a little, could be pointing towards the baby. Though no one said it, and the baby wasn't the topic of conversation, I found it mildly cute. Then an unusual calm settled over the room. And Matthew reads his from the end of the table "Soon someone new coming into your life will become a very good friend." He squints in thought and suddenly his face lights up with a huge smile - "THE BABY! I can't wait!!" This goes down as one of my 'best moments of motherhood'.

I have two older brothers and no sisters. My oldest brother is 8.5 years older than me so I feel I have always been perceived as 'the baby' to him. And my other brother was only 3 years older but let's face it - there were two boys sharing a room and then me in my room. I wasn't exactly close to them and in fact, the middle child and I fought like cats and dogs most of our lives. Seeing my children so happy about welcoming another family member (and seeing how close the three already are) just warms my heart to the point of bursting [no, pregnancy hormones have not kicked in yet, I swear!]. ;)

As I listen to them playing behind me, I wonder why anyone would ever *choose* to stop at just one healthy child (aside from medical or financial reasons)...but I know that those people also wonder what would drive a woman so insane as to actually want four under the age of seven. ;) Please don't misunderstand me - I'm not judging parents of only children at all...it's just something I wonder about.

Strangers don't get this about large families...and maybe some of my own extended family members too, though they mostly keep their opinions to theirselves (it's not like we're related to Ray Barone). All through my last pregnancy, it was like strangers were saying, "Hey, you *have* your boy and your girl - why keep going?" And some did actually SAY it, believe me. So, I'm looking for comebacks from you, my readers, for when those comments start coming in. Leave me some good material that I can work with, k? ;)

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