Thursday, August 17, 2006


The second best compliment of my life came yesterday by my best friend. How cute is it that I'm 33yrs old and have a best friend?? teehee Hey, don't knock it - I'm making up for lost time. What was the first best compliment, you ask? Well, when my very musically talented 12 yr old niece, Bria, said, "Aunt Laurie, you sing better than Amy Grant." Amy was my idol (little 'i') growing up. I listened to her music 24/7. I had many fantastical dreams and plays in the basement when I was singing in front of thousands of cheering fans, just like her. This will surely still be the best compliment of my life on my death bed.

So the second best compliment...She said, "I watched a friend's two boys the other day and told my husband last night that your three kids are much easier to watch than the two boys....because..." are you ready for this one??? "...because....your kids listen." Please be my best friend forever!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... The. Second. Best. Ever.

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