Thursday, August 10, 2006

I've been tagged

I'll do this one because I've not said I won't before but - I'm not doing ANY more of these silly things...I mean it! (anybody want a peanut?)! ROFL

Jobs you have had:

1. Mommy/homemaker
2. Preschool teacher

3. Waitress at Shoney's

4. Burger King (lasted an entire 4 days!)

5. Mortgage Specialist

6. Computer Contractor for various co's, including one that starts with "i", ends with "m" and has a "b" in the name. ;)

Movies you could (or do) watch over and over again:

1. Sense and Sensibilities

2. Little Women
3. Red Dwarf re-runs
4. Star Wars, Indiana Jones

5. Contact

I'm stopping the list here because I will watch most all movies over again - it's like a painting - I always see something new each time. I love re-watching movies. ;)

Places you have lived:

1. Missouri

2. Missouri

3. Missouri

And, other than 6 months, I have lived on the same main road in the same town all my life. And you thought I wasn't quite that boring!?!?

TV shows you love to watch:

1. I've been suckered into Treasure Hunters because of the history aspect - lol
2. Desperate Housewives
3. I've been watching new-to-me re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond - somehow I really feel connected to Debra. ;)
4. Bones

5. Smallville - what a great series!!!! Not only a good Superman series but what great relationship stories!

Places you have been on vacation:

1. Utah (honeymoon)
2. Florida (Disney World twice, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center)

3. New Mexico (mission trip '82, built a church for Pueblo Indians)

4. Louisiana (mission trip '87?)

5. Colorado (family vacations as a kid, had snow on me at the top of Pikes Peak on a 100+ day at the bottom, Silverado, ghost town, camped in Rocky Mtn Nat'l park where I watched as a wolverine chased my cycling brother up the mountain, waded across the freezing Colorado River)

6. North Dakota (drive through)

7. South Dakota (badlands, Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse monument, which I swear hasn't changed in about 20 years or more)

8. Kansas (driven through many times, worked as a camp counselor several years)

9. Arizona (to visit my brothers & on honeymoon - visited Grand Canyon several times, camped in Sedona, Sunset Crater)

10. Canada (twice on fishing trips off Eagle Lake, somewhat near Dryden, Ontario)

11.Texas (several business trips/mini vacations/to see friends - mostly Dallas area)

12. Oklahoma (yes, I've been to the biggest McDonalds ever...well, it was at the time!)

13. Tennessee (DH's family and vacation - saw Miss Saigon, visited Elvis' house, Mud Island, art exhibits)

14. Michigan (DH's family - Lake Erie)

15. Ohio (DH's family)

16. New York (on business that extended to vacation - watched Les Mis on Broadway, went up Empire State Bldg, waved at Ms. Liberty, toured Broadway)

17. New Jersey (on business, that extended to vacation - toured the Jersey turnpike on the way to Pennsylvania - lol)

18. Illinois (Cahokia Mounds, Chicago, East St. Louis, saw Phantom of the Opera in Chicago, toured Chicago History Museum, Lakeshore Drive and their wonderful fabulous aquarium)

19. Minnesota (drove through several times on the way to/from Canada and stayed in a hotel I wouldn't suggest to my dog, if I had one.)

20. Pennsylvania (toured Philly, saw Liberty Bell)

Wow, I've really seen a LOT of the US! I would love to see more of the east and more OCEAN!!! I've only ever seen the ocean three times that I remember - once was the gulf from LA, once was gulf from FL and once was the Atlantic from FL. Mom swears I've seen the ocean from TX when I was about 4 (and has the video to prove it) but I can't remember it.

4 Websites you visit daily( usually):

1. Mine (teehee)

2. Yadda Yadda Yadda and a bit more (mommy to RJ's site)

3. Happy SAHM

I have been unfaithful lately but I usually try to go down my list - my "usual" sites are listed in my sidebar.

4 of your Favorite Foods:

1. ice cream
2. fresh corn on the cob

3. good chocolate
4. Moo Goo Gai Pan from my local chinese place - oooooh soooo yummmmmmm - if only they weren't closed now :(

4 Places you would rather be right now:


2. in my bed, sleeping very very soundly for the next 12 hours

3. on vacation by myself (somewhere cold and woodsy and remote - see #1 - teehee)

4. in a time machine, traveling to the past and future - just watching. I wouldn't want to change past things - just watch them.

4 Bloggers you are tagging:

[aghast] I WOULD **NEVER**!!! But, if any of you want to, leave me a link to your post. ;) And, MommytoRJ - don't you EVER do this again! LOLOLOLOL :)

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