Friday, July 07, 2006

A week's worth

What a week!! I'm exhausted. Last Saturday, we all went fishing and had a great time. My mom invited me to see The Devil Wears Prada, which was a predictable movie but had that stick-it-to-'em feeling and allowed me escape from my life for a couple hours so it got a partial thumbs up from me. That evening we went to watch a "big" firework display and the kids loved it. I was worried about Jade, who is only 15 months old but after she checked my face to see if the loud booms were good or bad, she started yelling and clapping with the rest of us.

On Sunday, our town had their sesquicentennial celebration (say that 5 times really fast! better yet, spell it 5 times really fast!), complete with horse-drawn carriage rides, a free ice cream social, pony rides, big bouncy blow up things, several bands and other fun stuff in our city park. We all had a fun afternoon and came home to spaghetti and Monsters Inc.

As you can see, great fun was had by all. ;)

On Monday, I worked on making scrapbooks. Yes, I'm a closet scrapper. I typically work very well when under great pressure so I tried to pressure myself to have it done in three days. I was making one book each for DH's grandparents, as a surprise. Rose and Matthew enjoyed helping me and playing with all my scrapbook supplies. They especially loved my punches and my small Sizzix die cutter. Monday evening, DH and I went to see Superman Returns. Though I did enjoy the original Superman movie, I found this one to be *incredibly* slow and, for once, wished I had the number of the girl-who-was-messaging-her-friends-on-her-cell-phone a few seats down from us so that I had someone to entertain me. Sad, I know. But I have to say that I honestly LOVE the current Smallville series and also enjoyed the Lois and Clark series that played in the 90's.

By Tuesday, the 4th, we decided that we had no major objections to Matthew watching Superman Returns but we weren't sure if he would sit through such a slow movie. But his Grammy wanted to take him and take him she did. He seemed to enjoy the movie well enough but I find that he's more interested in seeing Pirates of the Caribbean II now. Heck, so am I! Even if it's a total, absolute flop, who can't watch Orlando and Johnny for two hours? I'm certainly not above that. ;)
We did the BBQ thing for supper and set off a few fireworks in the driveway. Our neighbors, who have been doing fireworks non-stop for 5 days picked this night to pack up and leave home. We really expected to get a good show this year in our little cul-de-sac but we were the only ones home. However, after we set ours off, we went up to my bedroom and looked out the window. Having a two story home on a hill is a great thing on the 4th when you're out of fireworks. We could see the city's display in the distance and many subdivision displays and other homeowners with their smaller fireworks. It was a really nice evening, finished off with ice cream and strawberries.

We went to a friend's house on Wednesday for some fun play time, where I clocked a little baby cuddling time. And I finished up the scrapbooks that afternoon.

Yesterday morning we went to the local cinema's freebie summer movie-of-the-week, March of the Penguins. We've seen it, heck we even OWN it. But when it's free and there is popcorn and soda involved in a cold theater in JULY in one of the most humid areas of the US, it doesn't take much convincing.
Actually, it's a great story. Sure, if you haven't seen it, you're thinking, "Penguins?? Seriously??" But as it states in the beginning in Morgan Freeman's deep voice, "It's a story about love". And it is. I would recommend pregnant and recently post-partum women (and any other overly emotional people) against seeing it because the thing really takes my breath away at different points. Rent it. I know you'll love it too.

Today has been spent just chillin'. Rose has a new plug-n-play game the kids have been playing most of the day. And I have been working on finding publishers to send my manuscript to. Yes, I'm also a closet wanna-be-published writer and I have an outstanding children's book here for any publishers who are reading my blog and are desperate to read just one more magnificent piece of work for the week. (If you are, please email me at Because that could SO totally happen.

Well, it's almost dinnertime here in the heartland so I'll bid you adieu. Have a great weekend! :)

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