Thursday, July 06, 2006

Spiderwire's response

If you're just tuning in, please read this entry first.

Spiderwire does not work on a closed faced reels and will tangle up. Let me send you a replacement spool of line that will work on your reel, ok.
What pound test do you use?

Customer Service Representative

Matthew was exceedingly happy to hear that Spiderwire agreed with his evaluation of the situation. However, he told me to tell them that "Daddy already bought new line for me and put it on my fishing rod so we don't need anymore". This was also a good opportunity to explain that it might be a good idea to try her sample so we could continue to support their company. We discussed good business ethics and good customer service and consumer roles as well. His response:

I would like to try another line. I use 6 pound.

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