Saturday, July 22, 2006

Homeschool Meme

Susan over at Imperfect Genius has started a homeschool meme. OK, I'm game. ;)

1) What country/region/state do you live in? Missouri

2) How long have you been homeschooling? Just getting started, old pro or somewhere in between? Technically? Since my oldest was born (almost 6 yrs)

3) Write a little something about your family. Ages? Stages? Jade, 16mos, has just figured out what those two long things inbetween her tush and feet are and she has been using them like crazy! Rose, 3 1/2yrs, has been having a blast becoming more independent by the minute. It's great to see but scary too. Matthew, almost 6yrs, is loving Transformers and having a blast creating his own from Legos. I, 33yrs, am writing and searching for publishing houses and agents and learning whatever I can about the process. Hubby, 37yrs, has been busy with the garden and Morrowind (well, who doesn't like Morrowind??).

4) Share some good homeschooling advice you’ve run across. "Let them do it in their own time. Relax."

5) Tell us something you’re passionate about (besides your family and homeschooling, those are givens!). Writing, breastfeeding, reading, (and recently) photography

6) If you could take the ultimate field trip, where would you go and why? Hmmm...out of country. Probably Ireland or Australia. I would love to give my kids the experience of seeing a different culture. While there are MANY places left in America that I want to take the kids, the ultimate would be immersing ourselves in another culture for a month or two or three... ;)

7) What is a resource you can’t do without? The internet, of course! And the library. ;)

8) How do you homeschool? Classical, Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Unschooling, Eclectic? Unschooling

9) Share a website or two that you visit often - can be your favorite blogger or a curriculum supplier, just any sites you really like. Sooo many sites, so little space to share. Please see my side list of favorite blogs to the right. I also visit,, ebay and amazon on a regular basis.

10) Tell us about one of your favorite projects/activities/trips you’ve had in the past few months. We took the kids on their first camping trip in June. It was a great experience for them and we had so much fun getting to know our extended family friends better!

11) What is a current/previous homeschooling challenge you’ve faced? Do unschoolers really face homeschooling challeges? Maybe the time that Matthew thought he wanted to go to school and "play all day like my friends do".

12) Share an accomplishment, something about you or your children. Come on, brag about it! I think I'm officially a writer! I have received my first rejection letter - I'm going to frame it, I promise. ;)

13) What are you looking forward to over the coming year? Honestly? Seeing where the kids will go. It seems we're a long way off from where we were last year at this time. I wonder where the adventure will take us this year.

14) Name three things you like doing in the summer with your family. Eating ice cream in the air conditioning, reading in the air conditioning and looking forward to autumn in the air conditioning. ;)

15) Have a favorite homeschooling quote? Share it here. Probably not a homeschooling quote but this is my current favorite.... "What would you dream for if you knew you couldn't fail?"

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