Saturday, July 15, 2006

Reading List

I enjoy reading other bloggers reading lists so I'm listing some of our recent titles for you.

Matthew (almost 6yrs, reading on his own):
Magazines: Dig (kids archaeology mag), Ranger Rick and My Big Backyard.
Series chapter books he's been going through: Magic School Bus, Bionicles, LarryBoy, Amelia Bedelia, Bunnicula
Other books: The Hissing Cockroach, Giant Jam Sandwich, The Great Kapok Tree
Favorite book: "I just have too many favorites to pick ONE, Mommy!"

Rose (almost 3 1/2yrs, having stories read to her):
Magazines: Baby Animals (she LOVES this one - it's a great preschool age mag, more like a booklet)
Books: Mice Are Nice (her new favorite - she actually HUGGED this book when I finished reading it and now she's on the "can we get a mouse?" bandwagon), So Many Bunnies, First Thousand Words in Spanish, 1001 Things to Spot (in fact, all the search type books from Usborne), Joey's Cat
Long time favorite: Snuggle Puppy by Boynton

Jade (15 mos):
Books: many board books, her favorites are by Boynton. She also likes the Step 1 early reader books - they only have a couple sentences on each page and she will sit for them. ;)

Me (Laurie, 399 mos):
Magazines: Creating Keepsakes
Books: Photoshop for Dummies, Photography, Starting From Home, Down to the Bonny Glen, Windows to the Soul and all the books listed on Rose's list.
Blogs: Well, most of them are listed to the right. ;)
On my list to be read: The Sound and the Fury, The Year of the Dog

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