Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Matthew: "Mommy, do you have any old wood I could use?"
Me: "Hmmm....what kind of wood? What do you need it for?"
Matthew: [pauses] "Well, I want to make a bird blind. How about that wood that Grammy brought over?"
Me: "You mean that bookshelf she brought a few weeks ago?"
Matthew: "Yes!! I just need to cut a hole in it so I can see the birds."
Me: "Well, it's really thick wood and I really don't want to tear up the bookshelf. I wonder what else we could use."
We look around the garage for a few minutes and find a perfect sized cardboard box, cut it open, cut viewing holes, tape the sides a bit so it will stand nicely and....voila...a bird blind!

Can you see their little noses poking out?? LOL

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