Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Birds and the Bees and Meerkat Manor

My kids love to watch Meerkat Manor every week with Grammy. I get weekly updates on Flower and her clan after Grammy babysits. Today, however, I got a report from Grammy...

Apparently they were doing a craft she brought over. They were cutting and coloring cats and gluing them together to make little stand-up teepee cats. They each made a mommy cat and some baby cats and then Rose announced she wanted a daddy cat. Grammy gave her the cat she had made but then Matthew chimed in with wanting a daddy cat too.

Grammy: "Well, I'm sorry but that's the last cat that we have."
Matthew: "I need a daddy cat for my mommy and baby cats!"
Grammy: "Hmm...well, maybe you and Rose can share the daddy cat."
Matthew: "No, my family needs their own. [pausing to think a few seconds] Well, on Meerkat Manor, Zaphod is the husband of two of them."
Grammy: "Something like that. Animal families are a little different than people families".

Wait a second...did my 5yr old just discuss polygamy? And I thought Animal Planet was one channel I didn't have to preview.

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