Saturday, July 15, 2006


Earlier this week, I decided to purchase a new coffeemaker. I decided to go with the Senseo, especially after I saw the $50 gift deal. So this morning, after my dear children asked for a special breakfast, I threw on my clothes from last night, ran a brush through the bottom strands of my hair and ran to Walmart (hey, at least I *mostly* wiped away the black mascara smudges from under my eyes!). Along with some other breakfasty items, I included run-of-the-mill chocolate covered mini doughnuts. When I came home, only Rose was around and the conversation went like this…

Rose: I put on clean underwear already! What's that?

Me: Great job! A new coffeemaker. [I start unloading the bags]

Rose: What is that [eyeing the doughnuts]?
Me: [smiling slyly, I hand her a mini chocolate doughnut]

Rose takes it, looks at it with untrusting eyes, gives me a side glance and takes a small bite.

Rose: YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Heeeheeeheeeee. [yelling] Matthew, come here!

[no response from upstairs. She continues to laugh herself giddy and repeat YUM over and over.] MATTHEW!

~Enter Matthew~

Matthew: Wow, that was a super sonic quick trip to the store, Mommy! (*everything* is super sonic these days)

Me: Yep [I hand Matthew a doughnut]

Matthew: Oh WOW, THANKS Mom!!

Rose: [happily munching on her 2nd] They’re CHOCOLATE Matthew! YUMMMMM

Matthew: They’re called ‘doughnuts’, Rose.

Rose: Oh. [awed Homer Simpson voice] Doughnuts.

I ask you, does any other 3 ½ year old have to be TOLD what a doughnut is?? My poor depraved kids. Pray for them. ;)

And my nightgown is back on my body, where it belongs at 8am on a Saturday morning.

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