Monday, July 31, 2006

Humble Pie

We've been really busy this week with the painting and decorating and spending time with Bria. And, for those of you who've asked, yes I'll post before and after pics when I'm all done. I'm still picking out curtains and decorations. ;) Today her siblings and mother arrive so we'll be out playing for a few more days.

I'll leave you with this...

Matthew was invited to the neighbors last night for dinner and swimming in one of those 3ft deep blow-up pools. He came home and I asked him if he had a fun time.
He said, "Yes, but they were jumping and splashing me and the sign said, 'NO JUMPING or diving'!"
I said, "I think the sign means that you can't jump from the ladder. They were just jumping up and down in the pool, right?"
Matthew: "Well I don't like to get splashed. And they were diving too. One of them made me breathe under water."
Me: [stunned silence] This is the kid who refuses to go any further in his swimming class because they'll make him put his head under water. This is the kid who still can give quite a fit if he gets too much water on his face during a bath. I was amazed he wasn't making more of a deal about it. As I recovered, I said, "How did they make you do that?"
Matthew: "They were being really rough and accidentally crashed into me and I went under the water."
Bria (his 12yr old cousin): "Well, most other kids don't have as nice manners as you do."
Matthew: "I know."
Me: [chuckling to myself] I think, and none are nearly as humble either. ROFL But it's good that he's so confident. Boy will he need it in this world! ;)

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