Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm back!

Finally, I got my computer back! My dear sweet husband was updating software on my computer and found spyware on it that totally frelled up my profile. So the last few days were spent working on getting my profile back. Yay, it's back! :) And I have to spend today and probably tomorrow painting the dining room (oh my back aches already and I haven't even started! LOL). If only it were as easy as Photoshop PaintBucket! The bloglets are exceedingly excited to help me paint...and I have my 12yNiece visiting who, rumor has it, is a great painter. ;)

But I wanted to say a huge THANKS to TnChick for hosting the Photo Scavenger Hunt! It was really fun and I actually won the Photo of the Week (photo posted a few entries back)! I had to PhotoShop out a couple of shoulders on the sides as it was really crowded that day but apparently even a novice at PS like me can still do it convincingly! LOL Don't forget to start looking for next weeks topic photo in your files - Pets/Animals. And then head on over to TnChick's website and sign up! :)

Until later, see you on the other side of the paint bucket! (Note to self - remember to take pics of bloglets helping me paint...)

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