Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dear Spiderwire

Dear Spiderwire,
We are very disappointed because of your Spiderwire. It only catches seaweed, not fish. The box said, "Nothing gets away" and that was not true. It doesn't work on my closed-face reel. It only tangles up on my reel.

Matthew, age 5

P.S. Never use Spiderwire on a closed-face reel.

Can you guess how our fishing trip went yesterday morning? Actually we had a lot of fun and found a spot where we were catching pan fish on every cast! However, we did have trouble with Matthew's line. The Spiderwire worked just great Rose's closed reel but for some reason, his was a disaster so he sent this email this morning to Spiderwire. We aren't expecting much but it certainly was a great opportunity to talk about false advertising and how companies will tell you just about anything to sell their product.

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