Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Venting and Learning

Venting and Learning

Did you know there are still people around (in nice homes, no less - I'm not talking about the junky trailer court) who still have their Cmas lights UP and LIT?? Many of them still have them up (why? I have no idea - it's not like it's been COLD or RAINY like it should be - it's been really nice weather) but many many of them still have them turned ON.

Now I'm usually one to prolong the Cmas season in my house. But the only thing I did to the outside this year was the wreath on my door so I figured I wouldn't drive anyone crazy. I typically leave it up a week after New Years at the very most, and usually more like New Years weekend. But this year, I've been in the Cmas mood since Halloween. I'm not sure why. Is it me trying to speed up the pregnancy? Can't tell ya. But I was definitely ready to get the decorations down, which again, is unlike me. Hubby was doing bills the other night and said, "Ha. Ha. Ha. $55 for electric - I bet all our Cmas light neighbors don't have that nice of a bill this year!" lol Of course, they also didn't have to deal with kids asking WHY we don't have lights up. There is a trade-off for everything, eh? But alas, we're a family of almost 6 living on a single income. We try to cut corners wherever possible and you don't actually see YOUR lights all that much. So...we don't do lights outside.

OK people, listen up - TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS and take them down in this nice 60 degree weather before Father Winter DOES set in with the freezing rain and snow expected this weekend. ;) Enough said. They've been warned.

In other news, I'll be in the 3rd trimester on Friday. FRIDAY. When did that happen? And I swear, my belly button can't disappear much more. Are they SURE there's not more than one in here? I've never looked this pregnant before. I know you look bigger with each pgcy but this is kinda ridiculous - I have three months to go yet. Hrmmm...

In order to try to stave off the gestational diabetes that I had last pgcy, I'm starting a pregnancy water aerobics class tonight at my YMCA. For those of you preggos reading my blog, I can't say more wonderful things about water aerobics. I've done it with my last two pgcys and really loved it. No, not one pg woman WANTS to be in a swim suit. However, when you're immersed in water, that big belly stops pulling on your back and stops all the pressure on your pelvis and legs and you feel "NORMAL" again. It's totally amazing how great it feels in the water when pg. Try it at least ONCE (you can drop into a class at the Y once for FREE!!). And it's fun. You don't sweat, which I've come to realize is the reason I don't like to exercise - I HATE and DETEST and DESPISE sweating (or if you do sweat, you don't realize it because you're in water) but you do notice the difference. And most likely, you'll meet a friend or two who you just might hang on to for many years. ;)

Sooooo...when did this blog become about ME? I guess pg women really are pretty self-absorbed. teehee...

OK...the kiddos.
Well, I can't say too much about them at this point. They're still engrossed in new Cmas things. I did put a lot of new art/craft items under the tree that I was going to buy anyway and they've had tons of fun with rubber stamps, stickers, crayola wonder, paints, glitter glue - you name it, they're doing it. And of course, they are engrossed with Transformers, stuffed animals and baby dolls too. Rose loves music and Grammy let us borrow her Sound Of Music tapes (yes, she's still in the dark ages with VCR tapes). It's been many years since I've watched it but I never realized how SLOW the movie can be to a small child. But she enjoyed it quite well and really loved when they all broke into songs and dancing about. Jade twirled around the living room dancing with the people on the TV too. Quite cute to see an almost-two-year-old who's the size of a 12 month old, dancing around and bee-bopping to the Sound of Music. ;) But Matthew watched it as well and we got to discuss some of the war with him. I imagine there will be more questions about it in the days to come, as he typically brings things up after chewing on them for a few days or weeks, just when you thought he wasn't interested at all. ;)

They've been having fun following me around and making games out of and around my organizing. Last week, when working on those basement boxes, Matthew and Rose started moving them around to make a maze they had to work through. My girls are my physical helpers. Rose begs to help me fold laundry and they both love to unload the dishwasher with me, among other things. Matthew is my thinker. He can always come up with alternative options for us if I present him with a problem. Such as...

I was talking to Matthew about all the sleeping arrangements and how things will change when the baby arrives. Currently, Jade is still in the crib. This wasn't going to last much longer anyway because I've caught her trying to climb out already (unsuccessfully, thankfully). I told him that I thought we should get another set of bunk beds like we have for him and Rose. They unbunk and fit nicely in their own rooms. Added plus - the top bunk has built-in rails. I don't have to keep replacing the cheaply made but expensive costing bed rails for the kids. So in the beginning, Matthew had the top bunk and when Rose needed it (at 14 months, when she started crawling out of the crib - amazing upper body strength, especially since she's always been in only like the 20th percentile), we gave it to her and Matthew learned to sleep on the bottom bunk, rail-less. Yes, we heard a loud THUMP every few nights for a while but by the time we got back up there, he was back in bed and asleep again. Apparently it didn't phase him much. So, back to the current situation. Beds. A few options. We could get another set of bunk beds for the two youngest girls. Or, Hubby suggested, we could upgrade Matthew's bed into a full and then have a guest bed whenever we have anyone staying with us (not that this happens very much at all) - and then get a new bed for the baby whenever she's old enough to need one. When I mentioned upgrading Matthew's bed, my little creature of habit broke into tears. "I don't want to lose my bed! I'll miss it." And I explained the guest bed theory and told him it'd be a new bed and he could help us pick it out, etc. He wasn't changing his mind. Nope. Not giving up his bed. So immediately, he starts in with his problem solving. "Why can't you get Rose a new bed instead?" I suppose we could... "You could get a big bed for Rose and Jade to share." Yeah but not sure I want to go down that road at this age...and Rose kicks the heck out of anyone sleeping with her. "Just get the bunk beds for Jade and the baby." Yes, we could but Daddy seems to want to get you a bigger bed. "So just get a bigger bed for Jade and she can share with the baby." So after many tears and suggestions, we came up with this together...the third option...give Rose the unused futon, give Jade the top bunk with rails and the baby gets the crib. There. No extra money spent for a while, which is always a good thing, right? And Matthew gets to keep his bed. And when we have guests, the futon can be used and Rose can sleep somewhere else...she's a more sound sleeper than he is anyway and spends half the night on my floor already so I'm sure it's probably the most logical choice of all. So Matthew is my little problem solver. He is quite creative and often comes up with things that haven't crossed my mind yet, if I let him brainstorm for long enough.

I read Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars years ago and it boiled down to saying that one of the main problems between men and women is that men are problem solvers and women have to verbally vent and talk through problems. Men typically go into a cave (get quiet and reserved), solve their problem, and then present the outcome to the woman, which makes her feel like he's decided already and left her out of the process - her process, of talking through it, is just beginning. Women, OTOH, like to talk through it...and men have this desire to fix their problems. Women don't typically WANT them to fix the problem because they're just thinking out loud and do want to solve the issue for themselves but they need to do this process this way. I often wonder why God made us so different if we're supposed to live together in harmony. lol Apparently Matthew already has this down - it was born in him...he's my little problem solver. So moms, take advantage of your male problem solvers - you might be really surprised with some of their answers. ;)

And so ends the endless dribble for today. ;)

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