Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Power is in me! my house anyway. ;) I am not one of the almost 6,000 without power in my zip code, thankfully! We are in a newer subdivision and our power lines are buried. And the main road we tie into redid their power lines a few years ago when they expanded the road so they're up higher. Maybe we have a chance yet...but there are several sections of the main road that are near wooded areas so we'll see. My best friend has been out of power since Friday at midnight. Fortunately they have a log fireplace and all slept in the living room and say they're pretty warm. And apparently, there IS a use for those old BOARD GAMES after all! LOL

I do worry a lot about MIL and FIL's house. They're deep in wooded country and with Nana (MILs mom) on hospice care in their home, if their power goes out, she has to be sent to a medical facility - which she vehemently does not want to go to. But there really is no other choice. So I'd rather our power go out than theirs. At least we're all well for once (knock on wood), I just jinxed us, didn't I?

In other news - did you hear our GREAT StL news?? Two missing boys on AMBER alert (including one boy, Shawn, who's been missing for over FOUR years) were found and returned this week!! It's been a fabulous high and when Hubby stopped at a couple stores on his way home Friday night, that's all people were discussing around him. It's been a very hopeful and uplifting story for us all in St. Louis and we're so happy that they've been found. Shawn's case was so very highly publicized that even I (who watched mostly PBS at the time) knew a lot about it and have worried and prayed for him for these long 4+ years. Though I admit - I didn't expect a happy ending, if any ending at all. These are the stories that, as a parent, make you cry for days and weeks - knowing how fortunate you are at the same time your heart breaking for the family involved. You wonder how in the world they ever decided to even keep breathing in and out after a point. And to have their son returned after all this time! The joy in me (and in all St. Louisans) for them is just simply overwhelming. Please send continued prayers for the boys and their families that they can work through their experiences, move past them and return to a somewhat normal life. For more details, check out one of our news channels:

So until the ice onslaught ends, I'll be working on a new crochet project. I'm adapting a bag pattern into a diaper bag and using some neat elf eyelash yarn with wool and will felt it when done. I hope it turns out as cute as my friends bag!! :)

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