Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bed issues again

I posted last week about the fact that we need to move Jade out of the crib for the new baby. So we need to put together a game plan for how to do it and which beds would be for which person. Matthew was very stern on the fact that he didn't want to change his bed so I was trying to get Rose to use the unused futon for a while so Jade could have Rose's railed bed. Rose wasn't too happy with this either and ended up in tears.

We talked about it again today. I unfolded the futon so Rose could see how big it was and, surprisingly, she was happy to try it, as long as I got her a rail for the one side so she doesn't fall out. ;) But then she wanted to move her toys and sound machine into Jade's room. And as I sat there trying to explain that this was Jade's room, I realized Rose is the oldest girl - she should get some privilege. Plus them switching rooms accomplishes some good things...one...Jade's current room is the biggest - it's also the coldest in winter and warmest in summer. Rose can pull up more blankets when she's cold...Jade doesn't do that yet. And Rose's room is the warmest in winter so that works out. I told her we wouldn't be doing any painting so she'd have to live with the light green walls and give up her purple butterflies and she was OK with that too. The closet is smaller but until she's a preteen I doubt she'll notice. And Jade's current room is the one they'll eventually share so that works too. The only kink I can think of is that Jade has discovered how to do the L shaped door handles now so we'll have to switch her handle to the knob and put a childproof knob on it. And the gate doesn't go past that room so we'll have to be diligent about it since she's only *just* gotten the guts to go down the stairs by herself. Other than that, I think it'll work out better than what I was thinking and bonus - no beds have to be moved around!

So it looks like we'll be changing the girls rooms around, which I forsee as a major theme in our lives for the next 15-20 years or so. ;)

When will I learn to stop trying to over think things and just ASK THE KIDS???

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