Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Little House on the Prairie

Back when Rose was born (almost 4 yrs ago), my mom bought a set of the original Little House books as a sentimental foreshadowing of things to come with having a daughter as well as a son. Matthew is now an avid reader at 6yrs and last night he picked up Little House in the Big Woods, opened it to his "bookmark" (cleverly disguised as an empty ziploc bag...don't ask) and asked me to read that chapter as his bedtime story. I was a little surprised that he was about 3/4 of the way through something I deemed a "girly book" but started reading. I wondered, for a moment, if he was pulling my leg - I mean, come on - a ziploc bag for a bookmark?? But I started reading.

Somewhere along the line, Pa was taking the family into town and they got the first glimpse of the store. Matthew gets all excited, explaining the back history of the excitement of the traders shop and that was where Pa bought calico so Ma could make dresses for the girls..."blue for Mary and red for Laura". (Heh - doubting Mom is no more)

After I finished the chapter, we're laying there snuggling when I tell him that someone wrote a series about some of Laura's ancestors, called The Charlotte Years and The Martha Years. He informs me that the ones he's reading are called The Laura Years. I let it 'slip' that I kinda *know* the lady too - I read her blog and...she HOMESCHOOLS too. I can't even begin to describe how incredibly impressed he was with that and how he immediately started wondering if Borders at the mall has them so we can buy them. ROFL So I guess Melissa Wiley has a new fan (or two). ;) Check out one of her blogs, The Lilting House.

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