Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm a huge, tired, aching pg woman...emphasis on huge!

28 weeks. Technically *just* in the third trimester. I still have 12 good weeks left before my due date. And...well....just LOOK at me!!!! I know you're supposed to get larger with each pgcy but I have TWELVE weeks left to go. This is just plain RIDICULOUS. According to handy-dandy babycenter.com, my baby only weighs TWO pounds. TWO. Can you imagine what 5-6 more pounds is gonna look like here??? No wonder I have to go see a physical therapist to tape my back up for support - I mean, just LOOK at me!!!

Here I am, in all my pregnant glory (please forgive the deer-in-the-headlights-look), the morning I delivered Rose (pgcy #2). See the hospital bed in the background??
Rose's delivery day
And here I am at 28 weeks on this pgcy (#4)...same sweater, no tricks (sorry about the angle - I had to use the tripod and run in two seconds for the self-timer..teehee). No sticking my tummy out or bending funny, and I'm very nearly the same weight I was at this time in the other pgcy. This is me. Now. HUGE.
PG #4, week 28
Now please, somebody...ANYBODY...tell me it's not twins ok??

I just got back from my 28 week checkup with my OB. Everything looks fine...thyroid, blood count, etc. And I've actually gained weight - shock!! I typically lose weight when pg - LOTS of weight. First two pgcys I lost 60lbs and the last one I lost 30. Today I was only 1lb under my starting weight so I *guess* that's good. But here's where the shoe dropped...the gestational diabetes test. It was supposed to be under 140 and my level was 194. She wanted to send me for the 3hr but that 3 hour makes me sick for 3 days so I asked if I could just start monitoring at home instead (since I already have the stuff). She agreed.

Soooo...everyone keep the prayers coming that I can control it with diet and exercise please! I certainly don't want shots. 'Course that would get me ready for my MS shots after delivery I guess. lol I'm just a mess anyway you look at it. ;)

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