Monday, January 15, 2007

Great News!

It rained all night and rained off all the ice!! So when the winds pick up today, there should be minimal additional power outages. I think we made it through with no power loss! :)

My kids are so sweet to each other. I remember, even when my brother (3 years older than me, almost to the day) and I were this age, we didn't like each other one bit. 'Course my friend who believes in astrology says that it's because we're both bull-headed Tauruses. lol Perhaps it was our personalities. Perhaps it was the age difference. Perhaps it was that he was a middle child and I was the only girl and he perceived that I was doted on. I don't know. But we never ever got along. If I knew he wanted the last of a certain cereal, I'd take it just to spite him...and vice versa. When we got older, we would have fights - the kind that included nails and teeth. Very rarely (and I do mean VERY rarely), we would get along for 5 seconds. I remember playing with stuffed animals a few times. I remember him trying to teach me to draw (what a waste of his time because I have neither the talent nor interest! LOL). And maybe even a bike ride once or twice.

But my kids are very sweet to each other. I don't know what caused it but I'm so incredibly blessed to get to watch it and participate in it. I think it heals some part of my inner child to see them be so sweet to each other. Some recent conversations (that I had NO part in, other than listening)...

Rose: Matthew, I got a bowl for you for your cereal.
Matthew: Oh thanks! Thanks, Rose, for leaving me the Spiderman cup!
Rose: You're welcome. Matthew, can you please get me a spoon?
Matthew: Sure, and I'll even get you an ADULT spoon!!
Rose: Yay! I like adult spoons!

Matthew: Mommy, will you put a pony tail in Jade's hair?
(this is the same kid who put me through 5 months of pouting about gymnastics [but not totally refusing to go] because, I find out at the end of 5 months, that he doesn't like his teacher because she wears ponytails!!!!!!!)


Matthew: Rose, remember we're playing '5 o'clock crazy hour' now! Chase me!!
(I think someone's been lurking on my blog...hmmmm)

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