Friday, January 26, 2007

Death warmed over must feel like this

On top of stalling to go to bed last night (because I knew the minute I laid down, the battle of breathing would be over and it would win), and on top of having a horrible night of up and down and coughing and sneezing and trying to breathe and let's not forget the pregnancy related bathroom trips during the 3rd trimester....on top of ALL of that, Rose apparently was having a horrid night too and ended up on our floor...grinding her teeth as loudly as she could. She also couldn't breathe very well so each inhale was a whistley mucusy sound followed by loudly grinding teeth.

Those sounds were *not* fun to try to sleep to...when I actually could sleep.

However, being sick has had a very small advantage. I finished a bag I've been working on! My friend's SIL made a knitted one for her similar to this and I fell in love with it. So I improvised a similar pattern in crochet and voila... here it is...

My bag
It's the first bag I've ever crocheted and I'm quite proud of the results. :) I made it extra big so it can serve as a diaper bag come April. Now, make me feel good (if that's possible) and tell me how pretty it is.

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Jean 1 or Jean 2 said...

by the way...I love love love the bag. kuddos. in browns and creams for someone special???????