Friday, September 01, 2006

I apparently spoke too soon

What a difference a day makes. Day before yesterday when I had the IV, I felt really great afterwards and was able to actually eat a meal. I went downhill all day yesterday and last night was horrible. It's not that I'm actually getting sick. And I'm getting fluids least I was up until last night. But I cannot force myself to eat. I had teeny bites for dinner, 1/2 serving of cream of wheat for breakfast and a few bites of potato soup and shortbread cookies for lunch. I know, it's not nearly enough. But I have some "stores" I can get by on for a while (believe me, it's not like I don't adore food), as I usually do lose a lot of weight while pg. I don't know how I can go from feeling so much better to so utterly horrid in one day. And I'm really scared my OB will be talking about a stomach tube soon. Anyway, I'm not trying to go on and on about being pregnant but if you could send up some prayers for me, I'd really appreciate it.

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