Friday, September 15, 2006

Well, I'm doing it

Today I'm venturing out of my house. Yes, for the first time in at least 4 weeks, I'm going OUT...and I'm even taking the kids. I'm still not up-to-normal-speed yet but I'm desperate. The kids are sick of these 4 walls and need some others to interact with for a while (and frankly, so do I). So we're heading out to our new MOPS group. Fortunately it's only about a 5 minute drive so if I need a quick exit, that's possible. And the kids will have 2 solid hours where they don't even have to look at each other. :) Not that they're fighting non-stop but they are showing signs that they really need a break. I wish I felt good enough to take them to a park this afternoon but I don't. Maybe Grammy will take pity on them when she stops by tonight and take them for a walk around the subdivision at the very least. ;)

Hubby will be gone the first week of October for training in....Vegas. Yeah, I'm sure he'll get lots of studying done! teehee...actually, if anyone in the world could go to Vegas and not be the least bit tempted, it's him. We're not gamblers in the least but even I would have to go see the sights and take in some cheap buffets at the very least. LOL I'm hoping I'm feeling a LOT better by then because even though Grandma and Grammy have offered to come help out that week, it's still going to be a rough week without him.

Oh and if you didn't get my personal email (lol), we're super excited that Veggie Tales/3-2-1 Penguins will now be airing on NBC on Saturday mornings at 9CST!!! We've been die-hard Veggie fans since Matthew was about 2.5 years old.

Jade has been working on word sounds a lot lately and I feel she's about to have a language explosion last. She certainly understands everything I tell her and can follow two-step directions so I'm not concerned. But I *am* getting tired of her whining and crying because I don't know what she wants. She loves the 'more' baby sign and uses it almost constantly. The problem is that you never know what she wants more you spend your day turning yourself into Alex Trebec..." more milk? more crackers? Do you want your doll? you want to learn more signs?"

Rose is in the throes of the terrible three's. Though I have to say that compared to her brother, it's barely noticable. Having said that, I DO notice. ;) She in the middle of that "changing her mind all the time on purpose" stuff. So we've been making her stick with whatever her first decision is and I think she's finally catching on that we're not playing her game anymore. "Do you want cake?" "No." "Ok" (start to put it away) "I mean yes, I do want cake!"

I suppose that's most of the news for now. When you spend the day distracting your sick stomach with TV and reading, it doesn't leave much to blog about. But I should have a glowing report about the new MOPS group soon. ;)

Oh and the REALLY REALLY big news...
Yesterday in the mail, Matthew received a birthday card from his great-grandparents...with $5 in it. I'm telling you, I've NEVER seen a kid so happy to see Mr. Lincoln before. "Nana and Papa sent me FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS!!! Now I can get that mini-con set with the bad guy and the good guy that I've always wanted!!! When can we go shopping???" So a major thanks to you, Nana and Papa. You just made his day!

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