Saturday, September 09, 2006

Matthew is 6yrs old today!

But the party was over almost before it began. Since I've been laid up, my mom offered to do the games and decorations and my MIL offered to do the food (I did the cake), the kids all arrived, they were running and playing and WILD. 'Course some of that was Papa's fault for showing up decked out in Pirate garb.

After about 20 minutes, we were going to get started on games and Matthew comes in and says his tummy hurts. Hubby takes him upstairs for a few minutes and comes back down and says he went to the bathroom and was feeling a lot better. Five minutes later Matthew was throwing up. So he went upstairs and watched the kids play a quick game of Walk The Plank, grab their party bags and wrapped up cupcakes and leave. I feel soooo awful for him to miss his party!

So far, it seems to be more intestinal than throwing up but that's awful enough. Jade had a stomach bug last weekend but I thought we would have already gotten sick from it if we were going to. Poor guy. But everyone left, he opened his presents (I took pics so we can send them in the thank you cards).

And maybe we'll have a playdate in a few weeks and get to play the games and if I'm feeling up to it, maybe we can re-do the cake too.

He's taking it **really** well, bless his heart. I'm the only one about to break down in tears. He did cry for a little bit before the kids left and then came out of his room and said, "I know it's a little late but thank you all for my presents." Poor guy. At least he has some new toys to keep his mind off of feeling so awful.

Not the best picture in the world but here's the cake, matey!

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