Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Matthew: "Mommy, what are you watching?"
Me: "A show about Pluto. They think it might not be a planet after all."
Matthew: "Actually Mommy, Pluto is in the Kuniper Belt. Some scientists think that it's a planet and some think it is an asteroid. They're arguing about it."

Mental note: Never get into a scientific topic that I don't know much about with my son. And the actual name of the belt is Kuiper (before I get corrected), I learned while watching the show. ;)

I've had a couple good days. Today isn't as good but still better than I was feeling last week. Maybe I'm starting to come out of the really bad morning sickness days. :) Jade, 17mos, had a stomach bug all weekend and was throwing up and other stuff. Thank goodness Hubby was home to clean her up and take care of her. Rose has some kind of cold or respiratory flu that she's being kind enough to share with us all. And I think they picked both of these things up at the mall last week. Their only outing last week was going to the mall play area with Grammy while I was at the hospital for re-hydration. I don't get it - usually there's at least a month of school before the kids start picking up everything in sight, right? Maybe it was our milder winter last year. If so, BRING IT ON this year! :) I'm not scared of snow. ;)

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