Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Buyers Regret

Well, as I stated earlier, Matthew got two duplicate Transformers for his birthday. So we exchanged them last night and, along with a gift card from Grandma, purchased a new one. This was an expensive super-duper $40 Transformer, Metroplex. Then we went over and got a smaller one from ToysRUs to complete his shopping.

Last night he happily played with them. Metroplex needed batteries so he could do some cool manuevers and we fired him up. Cool, right? Well, this morning I was told that Metroplex is "too tricky to transform". I asked if he wanted to exchange Metroplex for something else. "Yes. I mean I want to keep him. I mean he's too tricky and I want the set that has one bad guy and one good guy in it." Ok. But as soon as I started to put Metroplex back in the box for the store, down came the tears. He's now on hour #3 of going back and forth on this decision. Should he take Metroplex back and get something else?

He's trying to force me to decide. And I tell him that it's his money and his birthday present and I refuse to decide for him. "But you're the best deciderer I've ever had." Nope. "But you always know what's best for me." Nope...not gonna decide. "But he's too tricky." Then take him back if you're not going to play with him. Tears. "Well, Jade got $5 from Grandma that she hasn't spent yet and that's what the set costs that I want." Nope. "But...." NOT going to decide for you. Sorry honey. "OK, what if I take him back and YOU get me a new transformer that you think I'll like?" Nope. This is your decision. You can do this sweetie. More tears. "That's not very nice to put on your blog Mommy...here, I'll put crying tears on top of you to prove it." You already have.

What a horrible decision for a 6 yr old. Please send your condolences to us at unschoolingblogger at charter.net.

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