Friday, March 10, 2006

The World Is Coming To An End

It's 10am and L has already placed a call to Dh at work to ask him what state his character is moving to today – California. ;)

5yL and 3yJ and I played the map game for a while around lunchtime. And as soon as Grammie came to visit, L very quickly explained his game called, “The World Is Coming To An End” and showed Grammie her piece (a mini transformer) and told her she had to start in Cuba and move from state to state. He was glad to have someone else to show his ‘new game’ to. ;)

Grammie does storytime at the dayschool where she works. And as a special treat, she brings over that week's storytime supplies and does it one more time for the kids. They always look forward to it and are a little disappointed when she arrives sans stories. Tonight's treat was all about oppossums.

Being unschoolers, we have discussed math subjects but have yet to sit down and discuss operators. L came downstairs from naptime (he rarely sleeps but usually uses the time to play with Legos, Transformers, read and sometimes even draw a bit), calling me Mei-Ying. [This is the character I'm assigned when he plays Indiana Jones.] He brought me a scrap of paper and told me that I had to decipher the code so we could find the treasure. He had scrawled out a great looking 7 + 8 = and then he even placed a square box where I should put the answer. This was a bit shocking to me because he has never had a math worksheet shown to him. He's played with the calculator some and I'm assuming that's where he picked it up. When I figured out the code, he double-checked my work and told me I was correct and we were able to find another treasure for the museum!

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