Monday, March 13, 2006

New Toys!

First thing this morning, 5yL asked to count his piggy bank money. He counted up all his paper money and I helped him with the coins. He had $15 and some change. He immediately wanted to run to Toys R Us to look for two Transformers - Starscream and Landmine. This brought up a such a conversation! First we talked about different stores carrying different products and discussed some economics such as Walmart and Target seem to be cheaper than TRU and we might want to look there first. We used their websites to see if we could tell if they even carried those particular transformers but their sites left a little to be desired in that category. He finally decided that Target has a bigger section of Transformers than Walmart so we looked at Target first. They didn't have the two he wanted so we went on to TRU to look. We found Starscream but he was almost $50. L decided on another one instead of waiting to see if he could find Landmine elsewhere. Then we found a deal there - if he spent $15 in Transformers, he got an additional $6 transformer free. So he got a great deal and ended up with 3 new transformers. He had his toys picked out within 10 minutes and was ready to leave.

3yJ also had $15 left from her birthday to spend and wanted to get something. So she started looking. We looked at stuffed animals, legos, baby dolls, Barbie-type dolls, bikes, kids furniture, Transformers, Power Rangers and even a few 'baby toys'. 45 minutes later, she had finally decided on a new Playdough set. They were also running a deal - if she spent $10, she got a smaller set of Playdough free.

So the kids were both extremely happy, J has $5 left to put in her bank and I discovered something...women are definitely born with the shopping skill. Image

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