Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The March

Ahhh...Spring Has Sprung!! Yes, I know it's another week away yet but I just know spring is here. Why, you ask? No, it's not the flowering daffodils in the front garden. No, it's not the absence of winter coats every time we go outside. No, it's not the returning of daily walks around the subdivision. The reason I know it's spring is that the kids have begun their yearly "Kill The Ants" game.

This is the second year since we've been in this house (going on 6 years now) that we've had ants inside. I could hypothesize that the kids are at that 'eating while trolling' age and leaving crumbs everywhere. I could also guess that my housecleaning skills have gotten progressively worse - and while this theory makes good sense, I fail to believe it. ;) I could also blame the neighbors who uprooted their whole yard this last year and put in a hot tub and new landscaping. But I suppose it just comes down to luck - we've been lucky the previous 4 years.

Yesterday DH brought home some ant traps. 5yL vividly remembers (as he always does) how they work...and even gave a dissertation to the grocery store lady..."Daddy put down some ant traps and they'll come in and take the food and then take the poison back to their anthill and kill them all!"

The kids spent literally all day running around, shoes in hand, banging on the floor. "There's another one, J! Get it!" "Wuuuuuke....nudder one!" Grammie stopped by on her way home from work and asked L how he'd feel if he were an ant and somebody wanted to squish him. He didn't miss a beat..."I wouldn't care because I'd be an ant."

I on the other hand, exploring OAMC, spent the majority of the day cooking. I cooked up two meals of Heavenly Chicken, a ton of twice baked potatoes, three meals of Baked Ziti and some sloppy joe mix - this all got frozen for later use. I had to stop at that point because all my dishes were dirtied and I was tuckered out.

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