Sunday, March 12, 2006


We had guests this weekend...a HS friend of DH's. Their little boy came with them and we had several life lessons in sharing and being a good host and being patient. ;)

We also made a trip to Walmart. There I got a nice cabinet - like the old metal utility cabinets but this is oak and heavy. First off, it's a great place to put our globes that have never had a good home yet. ;) Secondly, I'm going to spend tomorrow filling it with the kids supplies - this is a cabinet for them. Playdough (if I'm really brave), paper, crayons, pens, stencils, colored paper, craft items, scissors, puzzles, etc. We placed it in the dining room so they have easy access and don't have to ask us everyday for these items. It's great because the doors will keep the baby out too. :) I'm looking forward to filling it.

For *my* unschooling, I've been exploring cooking methods lately. I just finished a two week course of OAMC (once a month cooking) and find that I really REALLY liked it. Even though I love to cook, meals I can just thaw and warm give me more time to devote to side dishes and finishing touches. I no longer have that 5 o'clock stare into the fridge, wondering what I'm making for dinner that night. I need to make the next few weeks menu and go shopping.

Dh found an S hook yesterday to hang my new nonstick griddle pan. I've been having a hard time finding a good place to keep it where it won't get scratched up and now it hangs over the side of my cabinets above my kitchen sink. Looks a little country-ish but I'm willing to live with it because it has a safe place.

5yL wants to count the money in his piggy bank and buy a new Transformer. We'll work on that tomorrow.

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