Sunday, July 27, 2008

My body is falling apart

I was getting out of the van (was taking the kids bowling for the first time) on Friday morning and felt shooting sharp pains in my lower back so bad that it took me to the ground. Fortunately the van door was open and I got to sit on the floor boards instead. I found a chiro and he said I've strained/sprained my lower back muscles, probably due to an underlying misalignment of joints. I still have that rib pain that I had all last winter too - it's better, but never fixed, you know? I suppose that is probably related to this.

So I'm going to conquer my fear of chiros and just do it. Anything at this point to have a fully functioning body again...well, as functioning as it can be anyway. The chiro put me on a stim machine (to promote healing) and sent me home with a portable stim machine (for pain relief - kinda numbs the area) and strict "rest" instructions for the weekend. I'm definitely doing better but still have a way to go. I have another appt with him on Monday afternoon, probably for an actual adjustment. eeek. I just hope he doesn't make it worse.

Your mission? Post a comment on how WONDERFUL you feel after you visit the chiro. Geez - I have had a drug-free childbirth, I give myself shots 3 times a week that sting like the dickens (yes, the higher doseage does REALLY sting) and I'm STILL scared to death of the chiropractor. Insane, I know, but there it is.


Katie said...

I so hope you get better soon. I've never gone to a chiropractor but I love acupuncture. I had a PT in Japan who did a similar thing as your chiropractor, though.

Take it easy and get lots of rest.



Pattie said...

My new chiro practices applied kinesiology, which is a far cry from the more "traditional" form of chiropractic, the crunch and munch kind. It's gentler and it's been helping, but it ain't cheap (and our military medical, while otherwise good and free, does not cover chiro care).

The Camping Crew said...

Oh L, I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad. :( I saw a chiro for a few months following a car accident. I think it helped...or I just learned to live with the pain. It wasn't horrible. You'll be fine. :) I'll be thinking of you.

Cat said...

Well I've never been but know HEAPS of people here who swear by their Chiro, never had the need for one thank goodness, tho I would be happy to go to one did the need arise. I'm sure you'll do fine! Keeping u in my thoughts!

Let us know how it goes