Friday, July 04, 2008

The best laid plans

Our 4th pictures:

Rose runs up to me with a blank piece of paper and a pen. She says, "Mom, write, 'may I please have Indy's hat?' on here." Eyeing her suspiciously, I begin to write. Matthew says to her in a hushed whisper, "Give it to me!" Not putting two and two together, I keep writing. Thanking me, she turns and hands the paper to Matthew and says, "There. Now give it to me." He sighs, hands the paper straight back to her and she immediately opens her hand to reveal the hidden Lego Indiana Jones hat.

Reason To Homeschool #532:
Matthew, in an effort to be sweet and sympathetic to his not-feeling-so-great mom, was giving me a back rub. I was thoroughly relaxing at his soft fingers when he said quietly, "You know, I think homeschooling moms get more massaging because their kids stay at home more often." My shoulders started shaking, breaking the relaxation, just before the fits of laughter encompassed us all.


Heather said...

Great shots, and love the reason to homeschool--I would say we get more cuddles and snuggles in general.:)

The Camping Crew said...

great shots! you can tell it was late. . . the 2 little ones are sucking their thumbs.

Ah, that was sweet what M said. I disagree with heather however. . . I get cuddles and snuggles. . . less over time I believe due to his age however than him going to school.