Tuesday, July 08, 2008

If These Walls Could Speak

Rose: Can you warm up my lunch for me?
Matthew (in a very sweet tone): Rose, you can do it yourself. God doesn't want you to be helpless!

While the older two were at VBS today, I took Linnae and Jade to WallyWorld and saw their 'school supplies' were on sale. I grabbed tons of crayons, colored pencils and .05 notebooks. While standing in the checkout line, Jade was eyeing her new finds and exclaimed, "You got new crayons for meeee??" Then, her excitement immediately changed and she got a super serious look on her face as she held out her hand in a talk to the hand way, "only. on. paper."

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Heather said...

I need to use the "God does not want you to be helpless" line on my son--we are trying to get him to help himself more often.

Only on paper--yeah, my 8 year old still has to learn that one. "But it just happened!"