Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Road Trip!

We've all been sick with a nasty cold this week. And it started last weekend with a combination of allergies from us being out and enjoying the dry yet cool weather. So we've not had a lot of energy and there hasn't been too much to blog about.

But we have big plans for this weekend. Hubby's grandmother is getting a great Mother's Day surprise! Hubby, Linnae and I are going to surprise her with a visit. Other members of our extended family are also traveling up there to surprise her and I think it'll be a great weekend. But it's a very long trip. About 10 hours or more each way, when all is said and done. And forcing my older 3 to sit in a car all day, then spend a day visiting family and "being quiet", only to ask them to sit in a car all day the following day...well, that seems almost inhumane to me. Nana has met the other three and they'll be much happier at home with Grammy watching them for me. Nana hasn't met she's the hardest to care for because of her young age so we'll be taking her with us. She travels well and will probably sleep most of the weekend away. Send prayers for a safe trip and extra stamina for Grammy. ;)

I'm sure we'll have some exciting stories to share on Monday. Until then, have a great weekend yourself!


Jen E said...

What a nice idea! Hope you have a great safe trip! Here's an early Happy Mother's Day

Cat said...

Have a great time!! Happy Mother's Day!!

Katie said...

Happy mother's day!

I hope you all have a safe trip!

Cat said...

how did your trip go????