Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Memorial Day weekend to my US friends!

I know I have a couple Aussies who read my blog so I'll wish them a nice weekend too. :)

But here in the States, it's Memorial Day weekend. Most people have Monday off in observance of the holiday to remember those Americans who have died in military service for our country.

What sticks out in my mind the most about this holiday in the past is that it's miserably hot. Growing up, it seemed that our family tradition was a pork steak BBQ followed by a good blockbuster movie in a cold theater...and maybe some ice cream too. I never could understand the people who went camping in weather so incredibly hot and sticky (of course, I naturally prefer cold weather to hot). I definitely preferred the cold dark movie theater. I have fond memories of spending Memorial Day weekend entranced with Star Wars episodes, Deep Impact, The Mummy, Twister, Spider-Man, Back Draft, Indiana Jones fact, many Lucas & Spielberg films. Some were obviously better than others but I have very fond memories of them.

Many church services remember our veterans in some way on Sunday morning services. Many families have BBQs this weekend at some point. This is the 'official' beginning of summer as schools will be ending this week or next (for most schools) and all of our public swimming pools will open this weekend. So many kids will be splashing around and doing belly flops and cannonballs. It's also a big camping weekend. There will be local parades and events to honor all of our vets as well. Many families will frequent Home Depot or Lowes in order to get their landscaping fixed up for the summer. Float trips are also a big hit on this weekend...lazing around in a canoe as the river takes you miles downstream (except for those party bums who bring loads of 12-packs) is just a great way to beat the heat.

St. Louis events:
*May 21 - June 15, Shakespeare Festival
*May 23 - 26, Rib America Festival
*May 24, Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing Celebration
*May 24, Memorial Day Ceremony
*May 26, First Annual Southside Rib Cookoff and Barbeque
*May 26, 36th Annual Gypsy Caravan

Gypsy Caravan?? Annual?? Hmmm...

This weekend, as with most of our Spring weather this year, is surprising us. The high is forecast to be 77F tomorrow and 87F Sunday and Monday. Not too shabby. I would prefer something in the 60's myself but it could be a lot worse.

This weekend, we have a birthday party for our niece. Hubby has been busy as a beaver since last weekend working on totally disassembling our master bath shower and re-caulking everything. Apparently the people who built it didn't do a great job and that's why it's been a nightmare for me to clean...and combined with recent leakage around the seals, he decided to pretty much start from scratch. I only wish I'd taken pictures for you. So he's close to being done now but he'll finish that project up this weekend, if not before. Grammy's coming over for BBQ on Monday afternoon and I'm sure Hubby has mowing on his list of weekend to-do's, as well as some landscaping.

And who knows? Maybe I'll even get to catch the new Indiana Jones flick.

However you spend it, I hope you have a great weekend!


Beverly said...

I'll be working today, but I like the holiday pay, and my co-workers and I will probably bring snacks. Hope it's not too hot for you today!

Jen E said...

He did your shower in one wknd?? I’m so jealous. Ours was leaking so Hubby did the same thing. That was Christmas. We are STILL using the kid’s shower!!!!