Friday, May 30, 2008

It's HERE!

Yes, I'm typing to you from my new laptop!!! WOW, this is FUN! And I even checked out Webkinz already. It's amazing how much faster this machine is - the Wheel of Wow would spin for a full 5 minutes on my old I see that it's supposed to actually spin for all of like 15 seconds. I hope when I wipe and reload the desktop, that it will run faster for the kiddos.

I do miss my big ergonomic keyboard but I will remedy that soon. Maybe a trip to Best Buy is in order this weekend. ;) The other problem is that I need a desk area. The kids will have my old desktop setup but I need a desk for my docking station and monitor, etc. So at the moment, I'm just trying to figure out how to have three desks on the main floor without looking like an office building. ;) Hubby has his roll-top mail desk and the kids have my old desk (that doesn't have room for my new computer stuff). So I need a desk, a space to put it, a chair, a monitor (for either me or the kids), keyboard and mouse. It seems really silly to have three desks but it is necessary. And because the kids are so young, I need to have their computer where I can monitor their online sites (yeah, that's a little un-unschoolish of me but you know I'm not a radical) so I can't very well put it in one of their rooms. So for now, we'll just look officey. If anyone has any great ideas (ahem...Jean2!), please...I'm all ears!

I didn't opt to install MS Office. I just couldn't justify the expense when there's a *free* look-alike that supposedly works just as well, if not better, than MS Office (and you all know what a cheapskate great bargain shopper I am!)...Open Office. I love to support freebies for home users!

My only problem now is which new toy to play with first?? GPS...laptop...GPS...laptop...decisions, decisions.


Pam said...

WooHoo Congrats on your new laptop!

Cat said...

Yahooo!!! Bet you're like a kid in a candy store!! Enjoy!!

Jean 2 said...

That is awesome. You will find much enjoyment out of that laptop. A desk? Who needs one for a laptop?
It goes where you go...;)!