Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm late...

but I need to start doing this so I'm just going to jump in today.

This week's menu is quite unusual for me but I've been feeling pretty non-imaginative since I'm still getting over being sick. I bought a lot of convenience meals for Grammy last weekend so she'd have it easy watching the kids and she didn't end up using them. So since I'm not feeling great, we're using them up. I typically do NOT use this much pre-packaged stuff, though it's been a nice break to have an easy week.

Monday - Pizza Night (made our own with store-bought crusts)
Tuesday - Breakfast for Dinner! Pancakes, eggs/egg beaters, turkey bacon, oranges
Wednesday - Rachel Ray's Quick Creamy Tomato Soup & Soup Toppers, fruit variety
Thursday - Tuna Helper (I have a MOPS meeting & dinner so this is fast for me to cook before hand), corn, tomatoes, waldorf salad
Friday - Chicken and Carrots and Onions (below), applesauce, edamame, pudding
On weekends, we usually do leftover buffets and occasionally eat out so I don't typically *plan* meals for the weekends. But there's always something around here I could throw together pretty quick if needed.

Chicken and Carrots and Onions
This recipe was one of *the* favorite meals of my family when we were growing up. I didn't learn to appreciate it until I was old enough to start eating onions. ;) Basically you make fried chicken. Towards the end, you add sliced carrots and onions to the pan and let them get nice and golden (or darker) brown. During the last minute of cooking, you add a little water to the lid and dump that in the pan and cover and let it all steam (to soften the carrots a bit). It doesn't sound like much but it's the epitome of comfort food to me now. ;)

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Jen E said...

Hey Laurie!! Ya know what happens when you glance quickly at your Personality Type box and your brain combines the words "Personality" and "Extraverted"? :) Well, my brain read "Per-verted"! LOL!!!!! Sorry, just had to share! Your menu sounds yummy, btw!!