Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BBQ leftovers

Review of last week's menu:
Breakfast for Dinner was a huge hit, as was the tomato soup (as always).
The kids really liked the Tuna Helper so I might look up some tuna casserole recipes to try out (I really hate buying packaged foods if I can help it).

The "Chicken and Carrots and Onions" - can you believe I've improved upon a great mogul of my childhood?? While my mom spent a couple hours over the electric skillet making fried chicken every Sunday afternoon (and worrying that it was burning), I decided that it was just too much trouble. So I've never really made fried chicken for my husband in 14+ years. I think I attempted it once but that experience not only confirmed the trickiness of making it but also brought to attention the MESS involved. But a few months ago, we had dinner at my MILs house. She made fried chicken too. It wasn't nearly as greasy as my moms (sorry, Mom), and she wasn't stressed about the issue at all. I asked her what she did differently. Here's what she does...
Heat oven to 425, wash and flour chicken pieces. Place a stick of butter on jelly roll pan lined with aluminum foil and let it melt. When butter is melted, place chicken pieces on pan. After 30 minutes, turn chicken pieces. After 30 more minutes, it's done. And it's pretty much *THAT* foolproof. I've done that a couple times and wow, it's easy, not much mess and fast (in the regard that it requires little of me and leaves me room to concentrate on sides).
So, I decided to try to incorporate my mom's awesome "chicken and carrots and onions" recipe with this other method of fried chicken. I did everything the same but at the 30 minute mark when I turned the chicken over, I added cut up carrots (I leave them in circles about 1/4 inch thick) and onions. Moms recipe called for yellow onions but I was out so instead, I reached for a leek. If you've never had a leek before, it is very much like a green onion in taste (it just requires a bit more cleaning). So after I turned the chicken, I placed the carrots and leeks (also cut up in pieces about the same size as the carrots) on top. I started to worry that I put the onions on too soon when some started browning but decided I was stuck at that point. I'm so glad I didn't mess with it! Sometimes (albeit rarely), the worst mistakes have the best outcomes!

It was SUCH a delicious dish! I really LOVED the leeks in there as opposed to the yellow onions my mom always used. And I loved the less greasy, no fuss chicken. The only thing to improve on next time is maybe find a way to still steam the carrots a tad - they were a bit dry. Maybe I can put some aluminum foil on top for a few minutes with a splash of water underneath. Regardless, we loved it and it was devoured quickly. :)

So, the menu for this week (of course I'm late again!)...
Monday - I BBQd pork steaks, turkey hot dogs and turkey sausages (akin to brats). Made potato salad, deviled eggs, waldorf salad, baked beans, corn on the cob [too early for good ones though :(], roasted marshmallows and pound cake with strawberries and blueberries for dessert. YUM!!
Tuesday - leftovers
Wednesday - pork stirfry, rice, potstickers
Thursday - Honey Chicken Legs, salad, green beans
Friday - spaghetti & meatballs, bread, salad


Jen E said...

MMmmmm I love oven fried chicken. I just can't do it as well as Mom in the electric skillet so oven frying works for me although I rarely do it.

Jean 2 said...

What a great mom!! That is what I need to work on-a MENU! Just wait until your kiddos are busy teenagers and you will find out just how important a menu is-HA! Not necessary! ;) But-that dish sounds scrumptious!!