Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life Lessons via Looney Tunes??

Along our learning life pathways, we meet many many resources to learn from. Strangers, teachers, friends, relatives, pets, cartoons. Cartoons you ask? Yes even cartoons. I think I touched on this a few days ago but where was your first experience with classical music? The Bugs Bunny Show, I'd wager. I bet you can all hum that tune they played in the episode where Bugs is massaging Elmer Fudd's head. Admit it - even now it's in your head. ;)

Someone blogged a few days ago about how downhill Sesame Street has gone since its hayday back in the 70's. If you don't have young kids now (or haven't watched it since you were a kid), turn it on today. It's jibberish...twaddle...yuck. Nothing like the wonderful things I was taught there. I learned my letters and phonics and numbers and counting of course. But I also learned about people who were different than me. I learned some Spanish and sign language. I saw my first physically and mentally disabled people there...and learned that they were pretty much just like me but had some different obstacles to overcome than I did. I saw real friendships like Bert and Ernie and Snuffy and Big Bird. They hurt each others feelings and said things they shouldn't and then they forgave each other and had a better relationship for it. *Those* were real friends. ;)

Now, Sesame Street has gotten too politically correct. Did you know Cookie Monster doesn't even eat cookies anymore?? Sad but true... Cookie Monster Crumbles To A Healthy Diet.

And don't forget Looney Tunes! Yep, Looney Tunes.
"Everything I Learned, I did not Learn in Kindergarten...I learned from the Looney Tunes" by JustJen. A *great* list there!!

So keep your eyes never know WHERE you'll be learning from next. ;)


Jen E said...

My fav classical music cartoon was the "kill the wabbit" one. Now, I'm going to sing it all day long. LOL!!!

I have to ask, is Rose actually reading Prince Caspian (WOW!!) or are you reading it to her?

Laurie said...

Kill The Wabbit...classic!! :) No, we're reading most of Rose's stories to her still. She's really coming along with her reading skills (and writing! I must post a picture of her current stuff!) so I bet she'll be in chapter books by the end of summer. But she's reading lots of easy readers on her own.

Matthew is reading all of those books himself (though Hank the Cowdog Series is the audioversion - that guy that narrates it is sooooo good for the part! It's a very funny series!). Hubby is reading the HP series to him at night but then Matthew loves it so much that he reads ahead the next afternoon before Hubby can get to the next reading. LOL

Jen E said...

OK, I was thinking Scott is doing great with his reading but there's no way he's ready to read Prince Caspian. That's more a Sara level book in our house.