Friday, April 18, 2008

Interesting morning here

I promised I'd talk about the room-switch-dance so I need to preface this by explaining that. Since we have a 4 bedroom house, everyone had their own room until now. Linnae, who just turned 1yr, has been in a crib next to my bed. The others I moved out around 9-10 mos to their own rooms but knowing I'd have to move everyone around, I delayed it. But the last couple of months of her having me up 10 times a night has finally taken its toll. I was done sharing a room with her. Here's what the set-up was before...

1. Matthew had the bottom portion of a bunk bed in his room.
2. Rose was sleeping on our futon in her room.
3. Jade had the top portion of a bunk bed in her room (as an aside, this works GREAT for young kids who are transitioning to beds but are afraid to fall out - built in rails!!)
4. Linnae in our room in the crib.

So first we needed another bed. The two older girls were going to share Rose's room (it's the biggest kids room) and the futon takes up a lot more space than a twin bed so we decided the girls would have the bunk bed, un-bunked until Rose is a little older, in their room. So that left Matthew without a bed. After MUCH searching, he decided on a loft bed with a desk and bookshelf underneath. So over the last month, we've slowly been reorganizing and getting his new bed in there. Here's the finished product:

This Monday, I moved Rose's bed and the crib into Jade's room and Matthew's bed and Jade's bed into Rose's room. It was a big day. It has worked out well and everyone's sleeping just fine. And Linnae?? Sleeps better than ever!! Where she was waking me 5-10 times a night, now she wakes me once or none. I do believe that my sleep-apnea-RLS Hubby was waking her all night long. So the move was long overdue. I'll take pics of the girl's rooms when they're organized. We're not done yet.

So that brings us to this morning. I was up late last night and soundly sleeping...for once since having Linnae about a year ago...when I found myself dreaming that a pile of books or something had fallen off the bed or couch. I could swear I heard a thud but whether it was the dream or something else, I was startled awake. Hubby woke too and asked me if I was shaking the bed. I had a brief passing thought of 'yeah, I jumped when the books fell in my dream' but wasn't awake enough to answer him out loud. I turned over to go back to sleep and he said, "What time is it?" He'd been up really late with work so I said, "Just go back to sleep." He touched my arm and said, "What time is it?" So I rounded the time and said, "4:30".

This morning as I was getting dressed, I found this (and if you're the nosy type, click on the picture and it will enlarge so you can read some of the titles of my favorite books):

Other than the glaring announcement that I need to clean out my bookshelf, I just picked up the fallen over wipes box, straightened the books and finished getting dressed.

When I got downstairs, I checked email first, as I KNOW you do. :) And there from my auto-email-local-homeschool-message-board was an email about "did you guys feel the earthquake?" I announced it to Hubby and he said, "Was it at 4:30? That's why I asked you what time it was because it felt like an earthquake to me." Yep. Just in case you live in a cave today, lower Illinois had a 5.2 earthquake that we felt over here west of St. Louis, MO. Other than some old buidings losing some of their bricks, damage was pretty non-existent and no injuries reported. I did feel the 10:17 after shock (4.6) though no one else in my household did.

After returning upstairs, I realized that the initial shaking this morning must have knocked my books over, which knocked the wipes box over, which I heard and inserted into my dream, which woke me up.

It's not a major happening in the grand scheme of things but I've been thinking about it all day. It's kinda scary that I was so out of it in that place between sleep and wakefulness as to not realize what was going on at the time. Granted, it wasn't major shaking here but enough to knock my books over evidently.

I suppose you Californians aren't too impressed with my story but for me, it was a pretty big thing. The good news? Well, the odorous ants that have been coming in for 2 months are surprisingly totally gone today. Have only seen one stray so far and it's almost 2pm. Maybe the quake scared them back underground...or better yet...maybe it created a very deep chasm into which they all fell. THAT'S a nice dream!!


Jean 2 said...

I am the nosy type... can I borrow the book, "The Making of a Marriage"-hee hee. JK
Anyway... I LOVE THE ROOMS. I love that blue. Everything looks so clean and organized. I love that too! ;)

Jen E said...

Are you sure that wasn't the dragon in your backyard at 4:30am?? ;P I wondered if you guys had felt it. Kinda glad we aren't in N. Ill. anymore because I know they felt it up there. Did you feel the aftershock this morning?

Glad everyone is happy with their new rooms, especially Linnae. Love Matthew's bed!!