Friday, April 25, 2008


I just did the Meyers/Briggs Personality Test and I think I rated the same as I did 15 years ago so I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise to me. What IS interesting, however, is that many of the career matches listed are things which I have wished I was or have done at some point. I've written my resume out to the side for your amusement. :)

ENTP (I posted the graph on my blog sidebar)

ENTPs are often happy with the following jobs which tend to match well with the Originator/Intellectual personality.
* Actor - was in drama club and teams all throughout school. Many school plays.
* Artist - I do lots of crafts but not art. I don't feel artsy unless you count music.
* Comedian - I'm pretty funny (I think) and like to entertain but I wouldn't want a career out of it.
* Computer Analyst - worked on IBM's help desk
* Computer Programmer - took programming classes in college and helped a programmer design a new system when I was working in the mortgage division.
* Consultant - Uhh...yep, computer consultant
* Designer - I do like to change things around in my home. Not sure I'd like to design for a living but I do enjoy doing that kind of stuff.
* Engineer - see Inventor
* Entrepreneur - could you put 'homeschooler' under here? maybe??
* Inventor - I don't invent machines but I do very often find something I like in a store and come home to make/build it myself.
* Journalist - I've always ALWAYS loved to write. Was on numerous newspaper teams in school and I did an awesome newsletter for my old playgroup which I just loved doing.
* Lawyer/Attorney - ICK!?!? Though I *do* love to gather information. ;)
* Marketer - This is actually something that interests me though I have no experience with it other than my own natural morbid curiosity.
* Musician - OK, I've done every choir that ever came my way in school and church and then some. I played flute all through high school and college. I took classical guitar lessons for a while. I'm teaching myself keyboard (slowly). Very musical here.
* Photographer - well, you needn't have read my blog for years to figure out that I have an avid interest in this! I have played around with nice cameras and really love all the things I can do with them graphically too!
* Politician - DOUBLE ICK!?!?!
* Psychiatrist - My mom has told me time and time again that I should be a counselor or shrink or psychologist throughout my lifetime. And if I hadn't gone the husband/kids/SAHM/homeschooler route, I just might be one today.
* Psychologist - see above
* Public Relations - well, I'm doing the publicity chair for my MOPS group next year! LOL And I blog here for 'public relations' - does that count? :)
* Sales Representative - Do I sell homeschooling? teehee Though I think I'm pretty persuasive and can talk people into things fairly easily so even though the title doesn't appeal to me, it might be something I'd enjoy.
* Scientist - I do love to see HOW and WHY things work. I do a good amount of experiments with food on a daily basis. I really love to watch Alton Brown explain WHY mushrooms
* Systems Analyst - I love diagnosing computers. Mine is a very very **very** old hunk of metal that I've upgraded just as far as I possibly can. I think I currently have the RAM maxed out at 1 GiG. I'm running a 333 processor. Yes, older than actual dirt. Flash almost always kills my browser. I have to put the extension on Firefox so I can kill Flash manually. Joy. YouTube is just not possible. :( Alas - Hubby speaks of some such thing called a 'laptop' - what wonder could that be?? And perhaps soon??? Hmmmm....
* Writer - Ummm...I'm blogging, I've written poetry, stories, and am even working on a few books here and there in my spare time these last few years (well, to be honest, I *have* been busy having babies the last 8 or so

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Anonymous said...

I'm an ISTJ and find it interesting the number of items that also match my interests.

It's way too late for my brain to explore this any further tonight though!