Friday, April 11, 2008

It's all fun and games

I had the joy of teaching my kids how to play Uno yesterday. Ahh the thrill!! Being the youngest of my siblings and the only girl, I was always on the lookout for play a game with me. The yes's were too few and far between for my liking. Of course, when you're the youngest, the older kids are playing games for older kids - it's a hard spot to be in. I did beg my way into games of Gin Rummy and Trivial Pursuit a few times though.

On the way to learn how to do the marbled paper (and btw, why didn't any of you guys tell me my fried brain was spelling marbled wrong?? I don't know WHERE my head was!?!), I stopped at a garage sale. As my usual readers know, I love a good bargain. If you ever want to find me in Target, look for the clearance racks. ;) There I will be. But I digress...ok - garage sale. I walked up and saw this incredibly cute Little Tikes girly house. PERFECT for my three girls, I knew from experience that these things are NOT cheap, even second hand. Just for kicks, I peeked at the price tag. $50 FIFTY DOLLARS???? What was wrong with it?? I looked around - this thing hadn't even been used outside!!! But sadly, the woman wouldn't take a check and in this world of credit cards everywhere, I just do NOT carry cash anymore. After sharing the sad story with my homeschooling friend who was leading the marbled paper craft, she took pity on me we exchanged cash for a check and my girls are now proud owners of a new summer home. (I'll put pictures up when the weather is warm enough for them to play with it.)
There was a stack of games in great condition. I grabbed Uno Madness (the board times you and pops up after a minute) and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (admit it, you're singing it in your head right now!). We decided that they should probably learn regular Uno first before stepping into the world of madness. So, armed with the brand-new deck that Grammy gave Rose for Easter, we started playing. We played with the cards laid out so everyone could see and help each other. I have to say, it says ages 7-10, I think. But Rose picked it up quickly with little help...I think younger kids can handle it fine. After we played a couple hands of that, they started Uno Madness. I didn't find it nearly as fun but the jumping board was such a novelty to them that they had a great time.

(For those of you who spotted the SonLight curriculum box in the background, it's not what you think! LOL A friend gave it to Matthew because he was eyeing the cut-out castle on the inside of the box.)

On Monday, we went to a friend's after-school birthday party. It was a beautiful day and we mostly played outside. Matthew climbed his first tree and was so darned proud of himself. I got a few great pictures but, alas, I was playing around with my settings (my attempt at learning manual picture settings) and had my film speed set way too high for outdoors and all I have is a big white blur. :( However, I did figure that out by these pictures...
The girls and other parents and I were outside in the front yard while the boys were in back. Birthday Girl's mom and neighbor got out some bikes, basketballs and rolling toys for the kids. The adults stood in the street, watching for cars, and the kids played happily between the two houses. At one point, my back was to the kids and I was talking to Marie. Her eyes got bigger and bigger as I hear this rushing sound behind me. As I turned around, I catch Jade coming down the sloping driveway just as fast as she could, no fear at all, yelling, "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee" all the way across the street and into the neighbors yard. And I thought I had to worry about Matthew in the tree! The pictures don't quite do the drama justice but here she is in all her glory...

Just look at her form! Leaning back to get the most bang for her aerodynamic buck!! Now if that isn't science at it's best and most fun, tell me, what is??

I guess those are the highlights of our fun and games this week. I'm excitedly heading to a homeschooling conference tomorrow (Whoooohooo!!) and can't wait to come back refreshed and armed with new ideas. :) Have a great weekend!!


Pattie said...

DO NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES let your hubby teach your children UNO. He's a cutthroat player. I remember from college!!!!!

Laurie said...

WOW - now THAT sounds like a story I need to hear! LOL

Jean 2 said...

Uno you say!! Jean1 and I are *die hard* uno players. Oh the fun we had with that game on the snow days and a few dateless nights! hee hee

Jen E said...

My kiddos love UNO!! Sara is my game girl. Her fav is Mancala and then Sorry and Checkers. Scott doesn't like to lose so it's hard to play with him but it's fun for a little while! ;)