Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Out of the Fog

Sorry I've been out of good posts for a while. Truth is, I'm feeling lousy. For the past 4-5 days, I've had some really strong sinus pressure, resulting in headaches (of which I'm not accustomed) and general extra crabbiness. I have no congestion in my nose or ears or chest - just the pressure that's causing me to think about the pros of lobotomies an awful lot. So, last night when dear sweet Hubby offered to put the baby to bed, I readily accepted (and he always puts the other three down too).

I went to bed much later (the decongestant that didn't help kept me awake) and flipped on the baby monitor as usual. All I heard was static so I switched to the other channel as Jade likes to play with the buttons sometimes. I then heard the familiar noise machine in the background and went to sleep.

Around 5am, I heard Linnae crying. It wasn't a "I mean business" cry but more of a "I want somebody to come in here...I think". You know, one of those cry-for-10-seconds-then-quiet-for-a-minute repeat things. Knock on wood, she's a GREAT sleeper and hasn't ever done this to me before (boy I'm really asking for it, posting this!). So I let her do that for a little while, hoping she'd go back to sleep. No such luck. About 10 minutes later, she really started crying good. Worried that she'd wake the other 3 at 5am (oh doesn't THAT sound fun?), I leapt from my bed and scrambled down the hall. Bleary eyed, I opened her door and saw her raise her sleepy head off the mattress and blink at me like, "What's going on, Mom?" In my half-awake state, I thought that maybe she'd been crying in her sleep. So I picked her up and held her and swayed, trying to get her back to sleep. She was very quiet. After a couple minutes, I tried to lay her back down and she wasn't going to have any of that. So I held her a bit more. Fever? Nope. Diaper? OK. Cold? Nope. Maybe she just had a bad dream.

Then I heard her cry again. Except she was crying down the hall on the monitor. But she was in my arms and I knew for sure that she wasn't crying. As the fog began to lift off of my sleepy brain, I realized that I was listening to a baby...but not mine. And the cry was too young to be any of my other kidlets. It was then that I looked at her monitor and realized it was turned off...Hubby had forgotten to turn it on last night. I was apparently listening to the neighbor's baby, who is, needless to say, an early riser. And I'd woken poor Linnae up for no good reason.

So this evening, I took the opportunity to tell my neighbor about it. She apologized several times but I told her that the only reason I was telling her was not to complain but to make sure she was aware that she might have other neighbors listening in too...and that she might want to be sure to turn it off when the baby's not sleeping (especially if she wants to complain about the neighbors...lol).

I'm sure I'll laugh about this some day but today, in this bleak sinus pain state? Not so much.

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Jean 2 said...

Wow! That is just crazy!! How does that happen? How close do you live to your neighbors anyway? LOL