Monday, November 27, 2006

Today, today, today is the day!!

We're headed out to the big halfway mark ultrasound. Hopefully in a few hours, I can tell you if we're having a boy or a girl in April. :)

And as much as we're all pulling for a boy to "even things out", we're just praying for a healthy baby. Matthew, on the other hand, is *really* pulling for a boy...heavily. I was again preparing him last night that he might get another sister but that's ok because he has so much fun with his sisters. He thinks about that for a minute and says, "But I don't know that I can watch three sisters for you when you need me to." :-P Apparently he takes his big brother duties very seriously. I told him that Rose will be 4 by the time the baby arrives and she's big enough to help him watch the other two. His eyes lit up as he asked, "So she can watch Jade and I can watch the baby??" I replied, "Yes, she should be able to do that." He was much happier about that.

Hopefully I'll be posting soon! Stay tuned! :)

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