Friday, November 10, 2006

Mini vacation

Hubby is sending me away from the house for 24 hours this weekend. Tomorrow morning, I'm to leave as soon as possible and not come home until Sunday. He booked me a room at a hotel in the city and I'm not allowed to call home (and vice versa) unless it's an emergency. I've already made plans with my mom for breakfast Sat and my best friend for Sat night dinner and gabbing until all hours (or until her breasts implode and she has to rush home to feed her baby, whichever comes first). He's also said it'd be nice if I did this once a quarter. I'm really looking forward to the time to myself. I'm going to savor completing full thoughts, not being interupted in the middle of sentences, not having to pick up after anyone but little ol' me and just having some quiet for a whole entire day.

Today we have our MOPS group (Mothers Of PreSchoolers). We meet twice a month at a local church and the kids go into their own classes and do crafts, storytime, maybe play on the playground if it's nice enough, have snack, etc. I get to go into my class and each week, a different group of us brings breakfast items - home cooked stuff, donuts, bagels, coffee, juice, fruit, etc. We eat for about 20 minutes, then we have our 'class'. During one of the two weeks we meet per month, we have a speaker. Last month we had a lady from our library talk to us about getting our children ready and excited about reading. During the other meeting, we do a craft of some kind. We've made bookbags for ourselves, no-sew blankets for a local crisis nursery, bookbags for kids in South America (there's a mission trip heading there in January) and today we'll be creating Christmas boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Rose adores her class as they usually let her do all the coloring and cutting and pasting and stickers that she wants to do. They were especially surprised at her concentration a few weeks ago when they had little foam animal stickers set out and she worked on her page for more than an hour. She is my little artist. ;)

Matthew doesn't do so well at MOPS. But he's getting better. He doesn't seem to like classes at all - Sunday School is tolerated but he always tries to get out of it. He always has a very hard time when he has to move up a level and change rooms. One of his High Spirited traits is slow-to-change. I learned very early on to try to let him know what's coming up but also to emphasize that things can change - friends get sick and cancel playdates sometimes, sometimes places we plan to visit are closed when we get there, and so on. It's a never-ending challenge around here but he's getting more adaptable as he gets older.

What can I say about Jade? She's happy no matter where we go or what we do. All that's required for a smile on her face are her shoes. Yes, Jade loves her shoes. She will go get them from the closet as soon as breakfast is over and she's still in her sleeper. She sits on our shoe rack and 'rearranges' our shoes every single day for at least 20 minutes or longer. She loves shoes. I feel I know where most of Hubby's money will be going when she turns into a teen. ;)

Well, speaking of MOPS, we'd better get going! After, if we don't get rained out, we're meeting up with our best friends to hit the zoo this afternoon! :)

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