Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm actually watching non-local stations...

simply due to the fact that EVERY commercial is voting related. WHY, someone please answer this - WHY do they get into mud-slinging wars so badly? All they end up doing is force the voters to pick the lesser of the two evils and we're not happy with either one that ends up in office. I rarely use this word outloud but I think they all just end up looking like total idiots. So I'm currently watching stations (until the election) that don't have political FoodNetwork and DIY and HGTV and TBS and Science Channel. I refuse to watch the others. 'Course my favorite programs are recorded on TIVO so I can zap through the crazy politital junk. And do they still think they make money on commercials? With so many homes having TIVO these days, who actually watches commercials?

OK, off my bandwagon. This is a topic that really drives me insane, as you can tell.

Just as the kids thought it was over, we're having a Halloween party day this weekend. Grandma and her parents (now living with her & her hubby) are begging to see grandkids in full costumage. So we're heading over this weekend to trick-or-treat them and back home to carve the pumpkins and watch Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1958) (great film if you haven't seen it! It's a tradition around here). Yes you read that right - we have yet to carve pumpkins. What can I say? It's been crazy busy and Hubby was gone at the last minute last weekend and I didn't want him to miss the tradition, especially since he's the carver around here.

So after a week of making costumes and worrying and sizing and resizing and trying on and figuring out how to attach a tail and trying on again and making accessories to go with the costume and trying on AGAIN, I took the day off yesterday. I admit - I didn't do anything. Well, I loaded the dishwasher and laundry washer but that was it. I played around making a cute sweater for Jade. It's not perfect and looks more like an off-the-shoulder look but I'm pretty proud of it for my first ever garment. Please pardon her expression. She's had a cold for a week and going out on Halloween made it more like Niagara Falls now so she's on meds and stuffy and runny and not in a very good mood (hence the not-so-matching red pants). ;)

Today is a day of catching up. Things screaming my name the loudest:
1. Bathrooms
2. gobs of laundry (mostly clean, just needs to be sorted and put away)
3. costume left-overs need to be put away because they're about to take over the entire downstairs between fabrics and fur and hot glue guns and sewing machines...I'm telling ya! I also need to find a 'home' for all the yarn I have around here. Grandma sent me her extra yarn she hasn't used in years and while I'm incredibly grateful, I'm also quite overwhelmed with yarn at the moment and need to figure out where to stash it.
4. floors

Those are the major obstacles for today. Wish me luck! :) Oh and CONGRATS to my friend Andrea on the birth of her first baby, Zoe, on Halloween! :) WTG girl!

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