Saturday, September 22, 2007

Name that rash

OK you moms, teachers, heck even those of you who need a fun game...Let's play Name That Rash!
Is it:
A. allergic reaction to food or soap?
B. german measles
C. Chicken pox
D. Other (please specify)

It's all over her entire body, feet, palms of her hands, etc. We've been around other kids but no one that I know of was sick. She is too young to have had her MMR or CP vax's yet.


AnaMaria said...

Are they raised or flat?

Solid or liquid filled?

Feel scratchy when you run your hand over them?

Do they blanch when pressed?

Accompanied by fever or other symptoms?

From what I remember about chicken pox, they would start in one area and then spred, not appear all over at the same time.

My guess is viral related, but nothing specific.

AnaMaria (aka MaryandMy3Sons

Jean 1 said...

looks like heat rash to me...IMO.
My kids used to get that all the time, even when it wasn't particualry hot but humid...the moisture and heat would make them break out.

Jean 2 said...

I honestly have no idea. The bottoms of the feet are what confuses me. Most likely heat rash, but like I said, no clue.
Bath in baking soda?
She is beautiful though-rash and all! ;)

Laurie said...

And Mary wins! Good game! LOL

I thought, being a mom of 4, that I wouldn't have any more of that "rushing the baby to the dr for some weird rash" but alas, I did. lol He said it's NOT pox or measles or any big communicable disease. It's probably virus related and not to worry about it.

Thanks for playing! :) (And Jean, I'm getting to your question soon!)