Friday, July 06, 2007

The 7 Year Itch...

Not for our marriage, which by the way is in it's 14th year, but for our house.

June 17th marked our 7th year anniversary of being in this home. It was the first home we had built to specifications and we haven't been *totally* happy with some of the construction "flaws".

But in May, we had the major floor damage due to the ice maker dying. This is STILL a sore spot for me and probably why I haven't posted in a long time. This month has been totally nuts. I'm not sure if I'm coming or going anymore. The very condensed version is this...hardwood floors got put in while the kids and I had a visit with my SIL and her kids. The vinyl floors were put in as well but that contractor had some issues and my laundry room/pantry will have to be redone. The hardwood...well, that's a tricky one. Hubby and I aren't very happy with the installation. Either we had exceptional installers the first time around or we have bumbling idiots now. And we haven't totally decided which statement is true yet. There's a bubble in the kitchen floor and they've agreed they will have to, at the very least, take up half of my floor again, which is what started the whole thing in the first place. But we're so dissatisfied with the installation and new floor that, if we have our wishes granted, the whole thing might have to be redone. We'll see what the manufacturer says.

In a brief moment of idleness last night after dinner, Hubby was snuggling with Rose and Jade on the couch. He noticed that the ceiling of our bay window has drooped...a good 3 inches. After poking around and using stud finders and finally cutting a hole in the ceiling, he discovered that the builders never put studs up there. So he contacted a hunting buddy who works with dry wall and got some directions over the phone on how to pull out the whole ceiling part of the bay, install studs, reinstall dry wall, tape and mud. The good thing? I've been wanting to repaint this room for several years. ;) The bad news? We've never done this kind of work before so it'll be quite interesting to see how it goes. Hubby also is studying for a new certification and his testing date is set already. This job will eat up this whole weekend at the very least.

I feel like my life is the epitome of the bucket in that song "There's A Hole In The Bucket". An old folk song that tells the story of a couple trying to fix a hole in their bucket, the tale starts out needing straw, to needing a blade to cut the straw, to needing to sharpen the blade, to needing the stone, to needing water for the stone, to needing the bucket to wet the stone, coming full circle to saying, "But there's a HOLE in the bucket!"

Wish us luck. And I'll send pictures soon. ;)

Edited to add that I'm submitting this entry to TopBlogMag. This week's topic was "Choose a song whose lyrics relate to something in your life and then tell us about it". Though I've never seen the site before I wrote this post, Jen encouraged me to send it in. Neat site! Check it out!

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Jen E said...

You should send a link to this post over to TopBlogMag!! Their theme this week is music lyrics. LOL!!!! Sorry about the problems. I do hope they get it worked out soon. Is SIL up for another visit soon? :)