Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday pics

Finally, some long awaited pics!

We'll start with the cutest picture *ever*...
Baby Toes

And for those interested, here is my new bathroom floor

Today we met up with some friends. My kids are in the back...Matthew on the back left, then Rose (orange shirt) and Jade (kind of in front of Rose, wearing a blue shirt). The three kids in the very front (aren't they cuties??) are our bestest buddies. When they were younger, Matthew and his buddy, sitting in front of him, used to get confused for twins. They don't look so much alike now but ahhh, the memories. ;)

I actually caught Linnae smiling here.

And this one is her famous deer-in-the-headlights look that she gives when my flash unit goes off. ;)

And yes, pictures of the bay window that Hubby is working on. All that's left for this weekend is taping and mudding, which I hear is incredibly easy and fun. I'll be sure to take more pictures.
The best news about the bay window ceiling issue is that I can finally re-paint the living room. I originally wanted a very light green in there. Hubby talked me into the dark green that you need to almost brace yourself for. He also talked me into the lighter green of the bay windows. Now this may be his idea of a perfect color scheme but for me, it's just too dark. But I agreed to give it a good ol' college try and now, almost 4 years later, I get to change it. YIPPEE!!! I tried, I really did. Our furniture is dark, our decor is dark...we need light walls to balance it out. So I'm actually thrilled with the ceiling needing a repair (but please don't tell Hubby!).


Jean 1 said...

I'm really impressed with your live version of Handy Manny! He did a great job...can't wait to see the new paint on the walls.

Love the pics!

Cat said...

Very cute Linnae! Looks like her Daddy I think!

Museum looks very interesting!We'll have to go there 'next time'.

Good luck with the painting!

Jen E said...

Love those toes!!! And all the children are growing so fast!