Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Photo Blog

Nana, Hubby's grandmother, passed last night after a long battle with cancer. This picture was taken in April '05 when we celebrated her 80th birthday. She had full life and we're grateful that she is peacefully and painlessly resting now. We love you Nana.

A couple pictures I've been meaning to post...
I was in the middle of something when Linnae started crying. After you have 2 kids, you realize that the baby doesn't always get tended to as quickly as you did the first child. So she was fussing for a bit while I finished up my task. When I had finished, I went into the living room to find Matthew burping her over his shoulder. He's never even picked her up on his own before and he'd picked her up and got her positioned right too. She was very content and quietly alert. A precious sight for Mama. ;)

Rose has always loved music. As a toddler, she'd beg for "just one more song" before bed every night instead of the "just one more story" that I always wanted at her age. So I got some CD's from the library and she is in LOVE. She sat listening to the CDs for at least an hour the first day. And here she is right now by my side, asking where the CD player is. ;)

And, just for you, Mrs. P, since you so nicely asked...here's my gang. I'm makeup-less and probably going to hack my hair off short soon but here we are at the moment. ;)


Jen E said...

My deepest sympathies to your family on Nana's passing. Hugs!!

Great pics of the family! Do any of the kids look like Dad? I think they all look just like you! WTG Matthew on taking care of Linnae. You'll make a great Dad some day!

Jean 1 said...

Wow...bloglines just updated and gave me 10 (yep 10) posts to catch up on. Whew! I've read them all, but going to put my comment on this one so you don't have to go searching for them all.

Love the pic of Nana.
Kids are making quite a few leaps and bounds...not too keen on the ant trap though, tell them to leave those at home when you all come.

I can't wait to see everyone...But also, maybe we'll take an afternoon when you are here and go get pedi and hair done. Kind of a spa day. :)

Stacey said...

Ah, what a beautiful family!